2007 Award Recipients

Abiyoyo Family Cooperative Daycare – Abiyoyo is a small, uniquely structured, cooperative daycare offering full & part time care to 15-month- to 5-year-old children. IANH support will help to develop the Around the World Program running for 10 months. Food, music, art, dance and other activities will teach the children about other countries and various cultures. www.abiyoyodaycare.org

Dominican Sisters – The Dominican Sisters are actively working in the New Haven area as pastoral associates, family life ministers, college professors, school administrators, and health care professionals. For over 100 years the commitment to the people of New Haven, which began in the classroom, remains steadfast: to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. IANH support will provide materials for beginning ESL (English as a Second Language) students to learn to speak, read, and understand English so that they may thrive in their new communities and obtain citizenship. http://www.columbusdominicans.org

Easter Seal Goodwill Industries – Easter Seals Goodwill Industries was born as a result of affiliations, collaborations and subsequent mergers with other community service providers in Greater New Haven. What has emerged is a progressive, community-based organization committed to its mission to enhance employment opportunities and the quality of life for people with disabilities and other special needs. IANH provided financing for a 6 week summer project entitled “World Series 2007” targeted towards approximately 40 K-8th grade students at John Martinez School. The goal was for the Martinez students, who have minimal contact with individuals not of Hispanic ancestry, to gain a better understanding of, and appreciation for, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures. www.newhavengoodwill.easterseals.com

Edgewood Magnet School, New Haven Public Schools –With its arts-infused curriculum, Edgewood Magnet School provides many opportunities for a stimulating and challenging learning environment. IANH support will go towards enriching the 7th grade social studies curriculum by developing a program called “More Than Just a Map” Through dance, field trips, videos of foreign lifestyles, and food, the program provides students an opportunity to make their own comparisons based on direct experiences. http://nhps.net/edgewood

Girl Scouts –Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls—all girls—where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. IANH support will allow girls in Girl Scouts of Connecticut to participate in activities which will fulfill the requirements for the council’s participation in Hispanic/Latina and African American cultural unity programs statewide. www.gsofct.org

Hamden Middle School – The mission of Hamden Public Schools is “to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.” IANH Support will go towards Hamden Middle School’s cultural enrichment activities, including International Day held in April, and a performance of “Music of the Americas” with performances of Afro-Brazilian dances fusing rhythmic music with gymnastics and martial arts. www.hamden.k12.ct.us/hms

Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services IRIS helps refugees and other displaced people establish new lives, regain hope, and contribute to the vitality of Connecticut's communities. IANH funding will support a program to strengthen inter-generational bonds within the refugee and immigrant communities and ease their transition to life in New Haven by reviving and preserving home country cultural traditions. The program will share these cultural traditions with the general population of New Haven in order to raise awareness of refugees and immigrants in CT. www.irisct.org

Jewish Community Relations Council – The (JCRC) is the public affairs arm of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven. Its mission is to represent and promote the organized Jewish community’s interests to the general community, both here and abroad; to develop consensus within the Jewish community; and to build coalitions and partnerships among Jews and non-Jews. IANH will provide support for 3 local cultural heritage events that seek to build bridges between the Jewish and Hispanic communities of New Haven. The events will include ethnic food, presentations and music to celebrate and bring awareness to the Jewish and Latino customs. www.jewishnewhaven.org/relations_council.html

Office of International Students and Scholars – Yale University – Over 2500 international students and scholars representing more than 100 countries call Yale University their home away from home. (OISS) is responsible for the general welfare of international students at Yale University. In support of the OISS “Community Friends of Yale International Students” program, which matches new international students with residents of Greater New Haven, IANH funding will go towards 1) the development of printed materials to promote the program, 2) events to bring students and host families together, and 3) thank you gifts for host families. www.oiss.yale.edu

Peabody Museum of Natural History – The mission of the Peabody Museum is to serve Yale University by advancing the understanding of earth’s history through geological, biological, and anthropological research, and by communicating the results of this research to the widest possible audience through publication, exhibition, and educational programs. IANH support helped to support a major annual Latino cultural celebration, drawing close to 2000 people, at the Museum in conjunction with Junta for Progressive Action. www.yale.edu/peabody

Round-the-World Women –The organization helps women from other countries in New Haven in assisting them in their orientation and adjustment to a new community. The program provides a social setting where new friends are made and experiences are shared. IANH support is a major portion of the organization’s budget that goes to guest speakers, holiday celebrations, crafts, and visits to local places of interest are part of their ongoing activities. www.rww-international.com

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