International Association of New Haven

Message of the Board President

The International Association of New Haven has made the transition from its roots as a programming organization to one that supports our new mission - that of providing grants to organizations that further international understanding within the greater New Haven community.

Following a successful launch event in October 2007, IANH has now completed several years of grant giving activity, awarding grants to community and educational groups in the Greater New Haven area. IANH funds have supported a diversity of organizations and projects, all of which contributed in meaningful ways to increased understanding of the complicated world in which we live.

IANH strengthens its Board by including members with diverse ages and backgrounds who bring experience and skills to keep our organization vibrant. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and with renewed awareness of systemic racial disparities, we live in a moment of cultural and social vulnerability, in addition to immense economic and political challenges. As an organization we ask ourselves how we can be instruments of change within the greater New Haven community, and we believe that opening our minds and hearts to value and celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity can help us become agents for inclusion, equity, and transformation in our community.

Please join us in supporting IANH’s mission to funding programs that enhance and promote cultural understanding in our diverse community.

Kathy Kautz de Arango, IANH President

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Program grant applications are by invitation only. Please contact us if you would like to be considered.