COVID-19 Statement


IANH would like to acknowledge the evolving and potentially disruptive situation created by COVID-19 for our 2020 grantees and 2021 applicants, as well as all other organizations in the Greater New Haven area whose programs and projects align with ours.

No Special COVID-19 Dispensation

As a self-funded grantmaker, we are bound by our by-laws which currently do not support special monetary relief in the form of direct payments for organizations impacted by the pandemic.  However, there are other ways we could potentially buffer the effects of the virus on our partners in the community.  

Expanded COVID-19 Contractual Provisions

IANH would like to emphasize that our lines of communications are always open and to encourage our 2020 grantees and 2021 applicants to reach out to us if the pandemic affects projects or programs.  Transparency about COVID-related decision-making by our partner organizations will make it easier for IANH to respond and to provide meaningful support.

Many of the challenges ahead are still unknown. Reach out to let us know how we can help:


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